World of machines free online browser game about the war of android machines

The World is silent and ready to explode. Your own WORLD OF MACHINES is waiting for you.

World of machines

Browser-based 3D third-person shooter in which:

  • 4 classes of machines;
  • maps for duel and team battles;
  • weapons of short, medium and long range actions;
  • several battle modes;
  • you can create your own robot assembly;
  • machines and weapons are pumped;
  • group buffs for each class;
  • goods to enhance the character;
  • skins for machines and weapons
  • premium machines and weapons.

War of the android machines

The day is near when the jet engines will blast and the flashes of hundreds of guns will light up the world.

These machines do not know fatigue, battle is the only reason for existence. Enter the world of fire and steel, where robots wage endless war!

A weak PC or laptop is not a problem!

The game is perfectly optimized for weak PCs and laptops

Minimum system requirements - computer with integrated video, 2 Gb RAM, 2 GHz processor and modern internet browser - Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Become the best machine of destruction!

Hunter class

Combines speed, combat power and a good supply of vitality.

Has a permanent attack bonus that extends to nearby teammates.

Hunter machine

Scout class

Super fast small size robot. Let his health be less than the rest, but getting into it is not easy.

Has a permanent speed bonus that spreads to nearby teammates.

Scout machine

Tank class

A large, massive robot with a large supply of health.

Has a permanent bonus to defense that extends to nearby teammates.

Tank machine

Engineer class

Average speed, average health, but a rich set of bonuses.

Has permanent bonuses to attack, speed and defense, as well as health restoration.

Bonuses apply to nearby teammates.

Engineer machine
Choose your own robot and join the battle!

Agony machine gun

Premium weapon. The owner of this machine gun will not remain indifferent.

Anyone who finds themselves in the zone of impact of this weapon will experience terrible agony!

Agony machine gun

Autocannon Heat

Premium weapon. An endless volley of deafening shots.

Damage, death, inevitability - this is what this gun brings to the enemy!

Autocannon Heat

Rifle Slice

Premium weapon. Once in open space, the enemy will be timid and rush from side to side.

All because he knows you pointed Slice at him!

Rifle Slice
Win the high-tech war!